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Camp NEW You is an innovative program designed to help youth and their parents identify and practice lifestyle changes that will assist in reducing unhealthy body weight through increased physical activity and good nutrition. The program focuses on goal setting and decision-making, and emphasizes the importance of family participation in helping to create home environments that provide regular opportunities for moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and healthy eating. The signature features of the program include the following: (a) interdisciplinary advisory board; (b) qualified camp staff; (c) access to state-of-the-art facilities; (d) focus on behavior change through enhanced self-efficacy, behavioral skills, behavioral capability, and social networking; (e) unique summer residency program with a variety of educational sessions for children and parents, developmentally appropriate activities, group counseling, and enrichment activities; and (f) structured 12-month follow-up intervention designed to provide continued support for families as the targeted behavior change becomes habitual (periodic weekend retreats, regular telephone coaching, individualized physical activity program design, personal accountability mechanisms).

Camp NEW You Structure:
  • Residential summer camp offering a variety of educational opportunities in nutrition, physical activity and behavior change
  • Three follow-up weekends for measuring progress, reinforcing behaviors and establishing support for campers and families
  • Ongoing lifestyle coaching for campers and parents across the entire year