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Camp NEW You was developed by experts with West Virginia University and The CARDIAC Project. The first two cohorts (2008-2009) (2009-2010) were held at West Virginia University. The program features a two-week residential camp experience where kids learn how to live a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and dietary control. Parents also participate in two weekend sessions during the camp experience. There are three follow -up weekend camps to further reinforce the ideas and to evaluate the families progress.

CNY @ WVU - Camp Location & Staff
Location & Contact: West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV
Camp Co Director Eric Murphy, MS
Camp Co Director Justine Vosloo, MS
Lifestyle Coaches: Sherrie Garner, MA
Liz Gilchrist, MA
Jessica Peacock, MS
Michelle Pruett, MS
Advisory Board: Sean Bulger, Ed.D
Eloise Elliott, PhD
Lynn Housner, PhD
Kristen McCartney, RD
Emily Murphy, PhD
Derek Belcher, BS
Elaine Bowen, Ed.D
Vanessa Shannon, PhD
Jack Watson, PhD
Cindy Fitch, PhD, RD
Shannon Holland, MA
William Neal, MD
CNY @ WVU - Camp Facilities
  • Towers Residence Hall
  • Collesium
  • Recreation Center
  • School of Agriculture Food Lab
  • Towers Technology Lab
  • Other Off-Site Recreation Sites
CNY @ WVU - Follow Up Locations (2009-10)
  • Glade Springs Resort
    Daniels, WV
  • Pipestem State Park & Resort
    Pipestem, WV
  • West Virginia University
    Morgantown, WV